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Easy Voice Biometrics Announced

03/07/2012 03:06:30 PM: Easy Voice Biometrics is like an audio lineup. Save hours of work by easily and quickly narrowing yo...

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Easy Voice Biometrics Announced

Published: 03/07/2012 03:06:30 PM

Cutting Edge Software Allows For Comparison And Identification Of Voice Recordings

For Immediate Release

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Contact: Jeff Klinedinst



Toll Free US866 260 6376

Outside US 717 764 9240

York, PA---Professional Audio Forensics specialists will have a new tool in their arsenal that allows for quick comparison and identification of voice files. This new product is called Easy Voice Biometrics, a product that allows technicians to find the closest match when comparing voice files.

The Easy Voice Biometrics product is designed for law enforcement agencies, state and private forensic audio investigators, detectives and lawyers to perform the following tasks:

  • Facilitate voice expert identification analysis in the performance of multi-target forensic audio investigation by eliminating imposters and ranging the top-in-the-list speakers according to the biometric traits likelihood probability.
  • Express attribution of the investigated speakers' voices by the proximity degree.

Easy Voice Biometrics is an affordable “Audio Lineup”. One of the most time-consuming jobs of the Forensics technician is wading through possible identities and trying to match small snippets of audio information. Because it can quickly compare several files in order to find the closest match, Easy Voice Biometrics helps narrow the field of possible identities and allows the technician to focus crucial time and energy on the closest match.

"The ability of Easy Voice Biometrics to eliminate suspects on under cover recordings and terrorists "live" recordings shortcuts the elimination process for Law Enforcement and saves hundreds of hours while doing it. They can then focus their time on stronger voice matches" says Tom Owen, one of this country’s foremost authorities on Audio Forensics.

" In a recent murder trial I (State of CT. v. Shelia Davalloo) I was able identify Ms. Davalloo as the person making a 911 call in the vicinity of where the murder happened." I was not able to do this in 2004 because of the quality of the tape. In 2012, Easy Voice Biometrics was able to identify her voice; even with a less than perfect 911 tape. She was convicted.”

The product is designed to assist audio analysts. The assistance is done in two ways:

  • Speed up the expert identification analysis, when voice identification examination of many objects is realized, by selecting those speakers out that are not a reasonable match and ranking those that remain in order of similarity of the voice biometric traits.
  • The EasyVoiceBiometrics has additional mathematical voice ID methods along with other methods including voiceprint, pitch and formants analysis, linguistic and auditory analysis. It helps to make audio analysis more robust, quick and unbiased.

Easy Voice Biometrics will be shipping on March 1, 2012 and has a list price of 95. Free technical training will be included in the price of the product. A free demo of the product is also available at www.easyvoicebiometrics.com

Easy Voice Biometrics is available exclusively from www.easyvoicebiometrics.com PO Box 189, Windsor, PA 17366. Phone 717 764 9240, Toll Free Sales Line, 866 260 6376. Email jeffk@easyvoicebiometrics.com Web Site: www.easyvoicebiometrics.com

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