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Easy Voice Biometrics Announced

03/07/2012 03:06:30 PM: Easy Voice Biometrics is like an audio lineup. Save hours of work by easily and quickly narrowing yo...

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Technical Support


Free technical support is available in several flavors. In most cases, we suggest that you start with an email. When we're in fact gathering mode, it's usually easier to start with everything on paper.

Send your email to support@easyvoicebiometrics.com

Please include:

  • Did this product ever work for you?
  • If so, did something in your system change?
  • If not, tell us the product you've tried to install and the Windows version on your machine (VISTA, XP, 2K, ME, 98 SE)
  • Are you receiving any error messages?
  • Outline the problem with as much detail as you care to offer.
  • Are there good hours to call you at the phone number you give us?

Of course, we're always happy to hear from you and you can call our toll free US number 866 260 6376

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