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Easy Voice Biometrics Announced

03/07/2012 03:06:30 PM: Easy Voice Biometrics is like an audio lineup. Save hours of work by easily and quickly narrowing yo...

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So much power...but so easy to use!

This technological breakthrough is like a duck on the water. So much going on under the hood, but for the user, a very simple process that will save hours of work.


A very clean and simple workspace greets you upon entry to Easy Voice Biometrics. From here, you can begin to load in the sound files you will be comparing.

The Card System:

Each voice file has a card assigned to it. Here you can include information on the recording with as much information as is known.


Once the files are loaded into Easy Voice Biometrics, you can begin the process of eliminating files which don't match. It's like an audio lineup!


Say you have a potential 12 suspects...what would it be worth to eliminate 10 of them with one click of a mouse?

Back It Up With Facts!

Like all evidence you provide, you may be asked to back it up...Easy Voice Biometrics provides it's backing data as well.

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